Golf Membership MarketingGrow Your Golf Club’s Membership NOW, With the Complete A-Z Guide To Effective Golf Membership Marketing!

  • There is no doubt about it, the golf club industry is in turmoil with more and more established
    clubs going under by the week
  • Waiting lists at most golf clubs have all but vanished!
  • Golf Membership is at a thirty year low and fewer people are talking up the game.
  • Add to this the general reluctance to change or to market at all, at many private
    clubs and you have a surefire recipe for extinction.
           But it’s not all bleak… there are exceptions in every market regardless or region or economic conditions where private clubs are not only surviving but thriving! It all starts with a competent marketing plan that delivers an ongoing stream of high-quality golf membership leads!

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late For Your Golf Club, It’s time to do something NOW!

In This Program You Will Discover:

 “I have never seen a more definitive and useful manual
on golf membership marketing in my 23 years with Club Corp
 or anywhere else for that matter!”
-Bob Devitz, Former VP Operations, Club Corp

Grow Your Membership NOW, With the Complete A-Z Guide
To Effective Golf Membership Marketing!

Golf Membership Marketing PlanWhat is the different between those golf clubs that make it and those that don’t?

               The key difference between golf clubs that thrive and those that don’t is how effectively they market their memberships and keep a steady stream of prospects coming in the doors.

               Unfortunately, few golf clubs are equipped to generate an ongoing stream of golf membership leads in an effective way. Instead, it’s much more typical that the golf club’s position in the marketplace is unclear, even within the golf club. The same old referral programs fall flat, target prospects are not clearly defined and thousands of dollars are wasted on poor marketing efforts.

                Pricing and membership options are often confusing or worse still cannibalistic with one option competing against another. Membership directors seldom have professional sales skills, scripted systems, and basic sales training to allow them to maximize their positions. Follow-up is often relegated to a John Doe letter and a phone message on the prospect’s answer machine. Consequently, the membership drive often fails.

               The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way!

               The A-Z Guide To Effective Golf Membership Marketing is your step-by-step, 450-page blueprint to golf membership marketing success. The techniques in this manual have been used by hundreds of private clubs, resorts, and even semi-private clubs to boost membership quickly and effectively.  It is guaranteed to produce results for you!

               The manual details the insight I have gained from consulting with hundreds of private clubs not just in the US but, Canada, the Caribbean, UK the Middle East and Europe. 


  1. Intro – Why You Need a Membership Success System Not Just Another Membership Drive!
  2. Benchmarking & Budgeting
  3. Defining Your Golf Club’s Membership Message
  4. Effective Membership Collateral
  5. Designing Your Website to Attract Members
  6.  Why social media is critical to your golf club’s membership success
  7. Creating The Right Membership Options
  8. Developing Perfect Membership Pricing
  9. Developing Your Irresistible Membership Offer
  10. Generating Membership Leads With Direct Mail
  11. Generating Membership Leads From Print Advertising
  12. Generating Membership Leads With Telemarketing
  13. Generating Membership Leads With Effective Ambassador, Referral, and Invitation Only Membership Marketing
  14. Miscellaneous Strategies For Generating Membership Leads
  15. Developing Your Membership Tour Presentation
  16. Turning Suspects Into Prospects–Managing and Following up On Your Leads
  17. Member Retention-Getting and Keeping Members on Your Side!
  18. Final Thoughts
  19. Resources and Articles to Encourage Change!
  20. Golf Membership Marketing Quick Start Guide
  21. Sample Golf Membership Marketing Plans and Case Histories 

               You’ll also get detailed examples of successful membership campaigns along with sample sales letters, brochures, website pages, follow-up correspondence and staff training recommendations. The manual finishes up with a 60-point, quick-start action plan. Follow this plan and you’ll be on a clear road to more members, faster than you ever thought possible. The information, examples and proven techniques in this manual are priceless and will continue to pay dividends for any golf club who heeds them, for years to come!

               Quite frankly this will be the best investment you have ever made in your golf club for ROI. What’s more, I guarantee it…

No Risk To You With Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

Membership Marketing               With our Ironclad Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose and ten’s of thousands of dollars to gain from the exciting, practical and proven information in this book.

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               If you don't agree that the information and strategies contained in are worth ONE THOUSAND TIMES THE COVER PRICE in cold hard cash to your golf club, simply send it back for a full refund.

               Take the first step to golf membership marketing success by ordering your copy of The Complete A-Z Guide to Golf Membership Marketing - Let’s get started now!

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Andrew Wood, Golf Marketing LegendAuthor, Andrew Wood is The World’s Leading Expert on Golf Marketing

     Born in Oxford, England and growing up in the midland county of Shropshire, Andrew Wood immigrated to America in 1980 to peruse a career as a professional golfer. Unfortunately, lack of talent held him back and he accidently found himself running a small karate school in Southern California. After struggling to survive for 18 months as a small business owner he decided to focus all his attention on marketing. This focus soon paid off and he quickly increased his income to six figures while still in his twenties.

     His initial interest in marketing turned into a passion and he quickly turned the single school into a national franchise of over 400 units. After selling out of the karate business in the late 90’s he moved to Florida where he founded Legendary Marketing, a business designed to combine his passion for golf and travel with his marketing expertise.

     Legendary quickly built a name for itself in the golf industry with innovative websites, social media, and online campaigns. Over the last decade, Wood has worked with over 1500 golf clubs, resorts and developments, in over twenty countries. His clients include properties in the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Russia, the Caribbean, and Morocco to name just a few.

     The author of over 20 sales and marketing books including; Cunningly Clever MarketingCunningly Clever Selling, Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur and The Golf Marketing BibleThe Golf Outing Sales and Marketing Manual and many more. He is considered the world’s leading expert in golf, resort, and real estate marketing and spoken to thousands of audiences worldwide on this and other topics from his books.  A pioneer in internet marketing his creative talent, out of the box ideas and copywriting skills are at the core of his expertise. Regarded as one of the top marketing minds in the world his ability to generate leads and increase income!

     In his spare time he travels the world, plays golf & tennis, writes books and occasionally races cars! 


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